Snowkiting is a fun and exciting sport performed during snow season. Snowkiting is a combination of kite-flying skills with snowboarding or skiing over mountains, frozen lakes and snow covered fields. At CKSS kitesurfing school, we promote safety, progressive snowkiting lessons following the rules and regulations, local and international standards. You can get into the sport quickly and safely while having fun by selecting a snow kiting lesson with professional instructor at Canadian Kite Surfing Society. All of our instructors are certified and follow single unique kite boarding school method of teaching. For the lesson we will provide you with all kiting equipment needed.

Snowkiting Level One – Beginner (3-hr)


  • Introduction to the sport of snow kiting
  • Learn how to select a hazard-free location and safe weather conditions for snowkiting
  • Know the wind directions and its power zones
  • List of rules and regulations International communication hand signals

Equipment Demonstration

  • Know how to use personal protection equipment
  • Tools used to secure power kite on ice and/or snow and ice Introduction to the different types of power kites
  • Difference between LE inflatables and parafoil kites
  • Different types of control systems and harnesses
  • Maintenance, storage and pre-flight equipment inspections
  • Trainer kite set-up


  • Select a hazard free area
  • Use of power kite control systems
  • Demonstration of how to operate quick-release safety system mechanisms
  • Know the wind range and select the proper kite size
  • Safety instructions on ice and snow conditions

Practice Flying Kite

  •  Application of the wind window theory
  • Basic elements of kite re-launching and landing using a power kite
  • Developing basic kite flying skills with a trainer and power kite
  • Transferring kite flying knowledge to full de-powerable snow kite
  • Flying a kite  upwind and downwind
  • Add skis or snowboard and start riding