Kiting is a unique sport that combines different elements that are available in other sports only partially and separately. Air, water, wind, snow, earth – all these elements are subject to kiting!

You can ride on the ground in any possible weather. This kind of kiting is called “landkiting”. All you need is wind and a kite – the ingenious invention of mankind, by controlling the thrust of which you can control space and time!

This is truly a fantastic sport! The most suitable places for landkiting are airfields, fields with a minimum amount of grass, dry lakes, dunes, wide beaches.

Try this not trite sport and you will:

  • Quench your thirst for speed! Kite is the fastest sailing vehicle for traveling on water (world record exceeds 100 km/h).
  • Quench your thirst for slipping! With a kite, you can surf even without waves, ride a snowboard without mountains and jump on a wakeboard without a boat.
  • Feel the freedom of flight, like a bird soaring up to the sky! Kite jumping can reach up to 30 meters in height and 100 meters in length, and sometimes even more.

Canadian Kite surfing society

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ckss© 2023. All Rights Reserved.