Canadian Kite Surfing Society is a group of multicultural people from across our great country.  First and foremost we are all Kitesurfing enthusiasts and wish to share our knowledge of the sport through the many programs we offer.

CKSS is a unique one-stop place that provides information on everything you would need to join the fastest growing sport in the world. Canadian Kite Surfing Society is your hub for information on all Kite related sports.  With partnerships in the community we promote awareness about kite surfing.

Our mission is to create a single network connecting kite riders of every level all around Canada.

CKSS kiteboarding school welcomes absolutely everyone of any level, whether you are a beginner or an expert kiteboarder.

Connecting with local kitesurfers gives us an opportunity to become leaders in the community and ambassadors of the Kitesurfing world.  We offer quality training programs with certified trainers that get you kite surfing fast no matter where you live in Canada.

For the more competitive kite riders we hold kite race events for all skill levels, giving them the edge to make it to the higher level or show off their skills.

All members of CKSS are community leaders.  A part of being a leader is to promote a positive image of our sport and ensure the places we ride are safe for everyone to enjoy.

Join us today and lets begin the Kite Boarding revolution together.


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Canadian Kite surfing society

ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved. 

ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.