Kitesurfing is not only a fun and exhilarating all-year-round sport, it is known as the fastest growing sport in the world. Kiteboarding is a combination of different water sports like wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing. At CKSS kite surfing school, we promote safety and follow the rules and regulations, local and international standards. Our professional instructors will help you getting into the sport quickly and safely while having fun. All of our instructors are certified and follow single unique CKSS kite boarding school method of teaching. For the lesson we will provide you with all kiting equipment needed.

All lessons are progressive and we run them according to each persons ability. You will be going over a set of exercises  to help you learning faster. As soon as you progress with first step we push you to the next. Wetsuit is required for every lesson.

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Here is just an idea of what you will be learning during CKSS kiteboarding lessons:


Kitesurfing Level One – Beginner (3-4hrs)


  • Introduction to the sport of kitesurfing/kiteboarding
  • learn how to read weather forecast and select a location with safe weather conditions and wind directions
  • Understand the wind window and its power zones
  • Local rules and regulations
  • International communication hand signals

Equipment Demonstration

  • Get to know your personal protection equipment
  • Introduction to the different types of power kites
  • Different types of power kite control systems and harnesses
  • Maintenance, storage and pre-flight equipment inspections
  • Trainer kite set-up
  • Power kite set-up


  • Select a hazard free site
  • How to operate power kite control systems
  • How to use quick release safety system mechanisms
  • Elements of self-rescue techniques

Introduction to Kite Flying

  • Application of the wind window theory
  • Basic elements of kite re-launching and landing kite
  • Developing basic kite flying skills with trainer kite
  • Transfer of kite flying knowledge to full 4-5 line de-powerable kite
  • Entering and exeting water

Kitesurfing Level Two – Intermediate (3-4hrs)

How to Set up 4 and 5 line De-powerable Kite

  • Kite set-up positioning in the wind window
  • Proper leading edge inflation
  • How to connect power kite control lines to kite bridle
  • Difference between 3,4 and 5 line kite setup

Developing Kite Flying Skills

  • Practice re-launching de-powerable kite techniques with assistant on land and water
  • Learn water re-launch essentials
  • Maneuvering kite with one hand without crashing
  • Elements of kite positioning in wind window while in water
  • Controlling kite while entering and leaving the water
  • Flying the kite while carrying the kiteboard

Body Dragging

  • Developing skills of body-dragging
  • Upwind and downwind body-dragging while flying kite
  • Flying the kite in water while holding the kiteboard
  • Body dragging in deep water for board retrieval


  • Selection of proper equipment set-up according to weather conditions
  • Demonstration on how to activate safety systems
  • Learn right-of-way rules on water with respect to other water users
  • Deep water self-rescue technique
  • Enter and exit water

Kitesurfing Level Three – Independent kitesurfer (3-4hrs)

A helmet with a built-in intercom will be provided during this lesson. Introduction to Kiteboard Technology

  • Different types of kiteboards
  • Technical features of kiteboards
  • Foot-straps adjustments

Kitesurfing Riding Skills

  • Learn how to put the kiteboard on your feet
  • Learn how to crash safely
  • Body and board positioning for water start
  • Riding the kiteboard in both directions
  • Control of riding speed and kite power
  • Returning to the starting point

Equipment Maintenance

  • Flying lines tune-up
  • Kite bridle lines tune-up
  • Tips on kiteboarding equipment repair


During the lesson We Provide

Kitesurfing equipment Personal flotation devices, helmets and harness On water intercom communication device Experienced instructor Book your lessons today and start riding. BECOME A MEMBER of ckss – connect with others, and receive Discounts on Euipment and lessons

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ckss© 2023. All Rights Reserved.