Location 1: Allenwood Bech – Eastdale Dr. Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2R2

Location 2: Wasaga beach 5 – Sunnidale Rd N and Shore Ln, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2B7

Spot activities: kitesurfing, snow kiting, kite buggy, land boarding, windsurfing, swimming.

Suitable for skill level: kitesurfing beginner lessons with instructor, intermediate, advanced.  Riders Must be able to ride upwind, perform body-dragging, self-landing and self-rescue techniques .

Suitable wind directions: NE, N, NW, W .

On site riding condition: choppy water  with waves up to 2m. Shallow water entry bottom for approximately 20-30m and then gets deep. This aria has set official rules and restrictions for water sports.

Setup area: L1,L2: Wasaga beach is is one of the most popular recreational parks yet sandy beaches in Ontario. Due to a high volume of swimmers it is not allowed to practice kite flying on land within swimming aria during pick swimming season.

NOTE: Local authorities have placed regulations for kiteboarding . During summer time there is a message board with rules is posted on the beach aria.  Wasaga beach Set up at marked Kitesurfing Launch Zone and walk into the water. Must be able to stay upwind outside of the swimming buoys and serf back to the launch point, avoid flying a kite near other beach goers/simmers. Waterfront Safety and Provincial Park Officers will be given tickets. It is recommended for beginners to be supervised by an instructor.

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ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.