Location: 12463 lakeshore rd. Wainfleet on, N1A 2W8

Spot activities: Kite surfing, windsurfing and swimming.

Suitable for skill level : , Intermediate, advanced must be able to ride upwind, perform body-dragging and self-rescue techniques . Book a kiteboarding beginner lesson level with CKSS instructor.

Suitable wind directions: S, SW,SSW.

On site riding condition: choppy water with waves up to 1m. Shallow water entry 15-20m along the shoreline and then gets deep.

Setup area: public beach is managed by Long beach Conservation park. Sandy 15-20m wide, approximately 70m long, located in between private properties on both sides and marked by signs. All kites must be setup on the East side of the beach during swimming season, watch out for other beach goers and ride downwind from high swimmers aria .Do not  interfere with other beach users. Always ask local kitesurfers for resent updates on regulations as they worked to ensure park wardens that every rider follow Safety rules .

no wind  no problem  just visit Wake boarding park : boarderpasscanada

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ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.