A: As with any skilled sport kiting requires practice and more patience. Some people learn it in few hours and some takes longer. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. With help from one of our experienced, certified kiteboarding instructors you will learn how to kitesurf the skills needed to get you up and going in no time.

A: No. Anyone can become a member and take advantage of our Membership program.

A:  Kitesurfing is a sport of wind. Kite spots for the kitesurfing lessons will be selected 2-4 days prior to the scheduled day depending on Wind conditions. You can learn how to kiteboard on local kiting spots like: Lake Ontario in Toronto, Cobourg beachWasaga beachlake Simcoe, lake Huron Sauble beach, Lake Erie long beachSt Catherines, Port Colborne. In Ontario we don’t have consistent winds. Therefore we research weather forecast and select a perfect kite spot, so be prepare to drive for up to 2 hrs

A: Absolutely.  We encourage anyone interested in the sport to come out to any of our gatherings and ask questions about it.

A: Trainer kites are smaller para flex foil kites designed to develop basic kite flying skills. They are the best for starting out when you are learning to understand the wind window theory. We can help you purchase new or used kite surfing equipment and a trainer kite before your lessons.  But is not necessary as at CKSS kiteboarding school we  supply with all equipment needed for the lesson.

A:   – Kites with control bar– Kite pump – Harness – Kite surfing board – Wetsuit for cooler day (suggested) – Helmet – Personal flotation device

A: If you are under 18  (minimum weight 70lb) and wish to take a lesson, a parent or guardian must be with you at all times.

A: Kite Surfing is known as an extreme sport and yes it can be dangerous. In 2009-2010 kite manufactures have made improvements in safety and power control system. And with proper instruction you can ready yourself for any situation.

A: We provide equipment for the lesson and help with questions you may have when it comes time to get your own equipment. If you already own it and it is set to a working order we will happily guide you with setup tips.

A: Kite surfing is an extreme sport.  By taking a kiteboarding lesson with instructor you will gain the technical knowledge to enjoy kitesurfing safely. Just like any other wind sport and water sport it requires to master safety skill. luck of knowledge can cause preventable accidents, damage of equipment, serious injuries of yourself and others around. We believe that beginners who haven’t taken professional guide on kiteboarding safety is also one of the few major reasons why kite surfers community can get BANED from the beach.

A1:  For water kitesurfing you will only need to have kite surfing wetsuit (long or short 3-5mm depending on water and air temperature) also bring sun screen skin protector, bottled water and light snack. If you not sure what wetsuit to get feel free to ask us and we will be more then happy to recommend and help selecting proper water wear for this sport with one of our affiliated dealers. A2 : During winter we run snowkiting in Ontario, you will have to bring own skis or snowboard with boots, also recommended to have light snacks and thermos with hot beverage. As per snow kiting wear we recommend Breathable snow pants and jacket/ shell and thermo base layers. Snowkiting in Ontario unlike downhill ride is an extra active sport therefore its best to have 2 layers at the beginning of your session and have ability of removing one layer as you warm up.  We provide all the rest kite gear needed for the snowkite lesson . 

A: No. Watching a video is only to gain some knowledge about kitesurfing or help with a new trick. Having kiteboarding school professional instructor out on the water with you for hands on instruction will get you up on kiteboard time saving and with out all the aches and pains of doing it on your own.

A: As a beginner everyone should start from a trainer kite. But if you planning on booking lessons at CKSS there is no need for one.

A:    – Kites with control bar – Kite pump – Harness – Skis or snowboard – Helmet, Ice screw – Thermal base layersIce screw with carabineer – Weatherproof breathable jacket and pants

A: Body dragging is a self-rescue technique used during emergency situations and kite board retrieval.

A: Kite surfing equipment can be purchased new and/or used. New kites can be found $800 – $3000 depending on brand, size and model. Used kites depending on its condition are $400 – $1500. Harnesses generally cost $100 – $350, 
kite boards $400 – $1200. As a CKSS member you will get discounted prices at our affiliated stores.

A: You can kite surf on almost any public beach but you must follow local beach regulations and respect other beach users. Always be sure the conditions you kite surf in are not above your skill level.

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