• Kitesurfing – Advanced level One (2hrs)

Advanced Kite flying Skills

  • Self re-launch, water launch and reverse launch
  • Progressive kite control, power stroke, kite loop
  • Set kite for jumping

Boarding Skills

  • Riding on board and changing directions without stopping
  • Edging board for control of riding speed and complete stop
  • Learn how to ride upwind riding on waves and flat water
  • Advanced crash landing skills
  • Learn how to perform a basic jump
  • Introduction to simple tricks
Kitesurfing – Advanced lesson Two (2hrs)

Boosting air

  • Learn to jump high with a smooth landing, big air
  • Advanced water starts
  • Add kite loops to your tricks
  • Edging techniques to pop off the water
  • Transitions – changing directions
  • Step into back rolls and front rolls
  • Introduction to board grabs

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ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.