At CKSS we offer a complete professional kitesurfing / kitboarding kite repair service.

Professional Kite and wing repair service in Ontario Vaughan. We fix any brand kitesurfing kite : Cabrinha, Slingshot, North kiteboarding, Airush, Best, Core, Ozone, Flysurfer, Epic, Star kites, Crazyfly etc… Wide color match selection of fabric and oem. We understand aerodynamics of kites and guaranty that it will keep same shape as before damage. Your kite will be inspected and pictures report with job pricing will be sent prior repairs.

DAMAGED inflatable and foil KITE CANOPY  and Leading edge Fabric . 1-3 days

All stitching repair by ckss is under warranty lifetime. 

CONTROL BAR parts replacement and tuneup. 1-3 days (if parts in stock)

STEERING LINES  repair or replacements  1-3 days

LE LIE Leading Edge  and center Struts bladder  – complete kite inspection, patch small  holes and complete repairs on long rips and seams , Inflation / deflation valves replacements.  1-3 day (if parts in stock)

Complete BLADDER replacement.

Warranty on repaired job 6 month except for forced damage.

Send us pictures of damaged area by Email  or txt for an estimate.

Canadian Kite surfing society

ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved. 

ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.