Canadian Kite Surfing Society is your hub for information on all Kite related sports. With partnerships in the community we can promote awareness about Kite Surfing and grow this wonderful sport.

Canadian Kite Surfing Society is a group of multicultural people from across our great country. First and foremost we are all Kitesurfing enthusiasts and wish to share our knowledge of the sport through the many programs we offer.

CKSS is a unique one-stop place that provides information on everything you would need to join the fastest growing sport in the world.

CKSS welcomes absolutely everyone at any level, whether you are a beginner or an expert kiteboarder.

Connecting with local kitesurfers will allow us the opportunity to become leaders in the community and ambassadors of the kitesurfing world. By being able to offer and develop training programs and certified trainers to get you kite surfing faster no matter where you live in Canada. Ensuring that you have the best possible kiteboarding experience.

For the more competitive we hold race events for all skill levels and with you support offer funds and coaching to riders. Giving them the edge to make it to the pro level.

All members of CKSS are community leaders. A part of being a leader is to ensure the places we ride are clean so thet everyone can enjoy them, and promote a positive image of our sport. As being apart of the Canadian Kite Surfing Society is not just about our passion for Kite Surfing but about being positive ambassadors for our sport.

Join us today and lets being the KiteSurfing revolution together.



Save up to 15% on equipment purchase CKSS is affiliated with a variety of specially kite stores and dialers that will provide discounts to all our members. We are continuously expending our list of vendors.


As a CKSS member you will receive 10% discount on lessons with our instructors team and other schools affiliated with us. Get access to select instructional videos.


We rent equipment to members who have previously taken lessons at CKSS.


We offer discounts on equipment repair service with our repair team and/or recommend affiliated repair shops.


Some of the key essentials in kiteboarding are knowing how to understand required wind power, how to find suitable windy location with proper wind direction and avoid shadows, hazards and regulations on site. This knowledge can save you time on driving to a wrong kite spot while its windy just a mile away.


Thinking of buying or selling new or used gear or have questions about your own existing package. Get an expert opinion and inspection along with market evalution.


Just like in any other sport it is very important to have your gear tuned up. Few times a year we organize a local kite safely course for members. During this session everyone receives complete knowledge on how to properly perform kiting equipment tune-up and a safely system test.


Participate in yearly organized events and community parties. You will have an opportunity to take part in organized events, kite surfing competitions, foundraising events and work on future ideas. Here is Canada we are fortunate with ability to explore all type of this unique sport year-round. Snow kiting during winter season and kite boarding, land buggy riding during the rest of the year. We get all members together for snow kiting races, kitesurfing competitions, lakes crossing downwind and family kiter parties.


Receive CKSS online newsletters, providing information on location and wind conditions during the year. Get latest information on technical new futures in equipment, sales and promotions. Connect to other members and get together to go kite boarding using our email system, twitter, facebook etc.


Get Expert advice – CKSS provides complete and up to date information about equipment. We consult members on repair, rental and purchase of required gear. You can count on CKSS for professional and honest advice.

Kiteboarding combines windsurfers, wake boarders, surfers and Para gliders, therefore there are few styles in riding. Most manufactures develop few types of gear to meet customary needs. We help with proper selection of proper kitesurfing equipment accordantly to your riding style.


Take advantage of CKSS travel services: organizing trips and making reservations. We organize fascinating kitesurfing trips to some of the best beaches in the world. Membership holders get discounts on our organized group trips and vocation packages. Travel planed by affiliated professional agents.

Guide on kitesuring / land boarding / snow kiting location recommendations accordantly to the time of the year and location around the world.

CKSS is the Most Exciting Kitesurfing Club in Toronto!

If you have discovered the sport of kitesurfing, our club in Toronto is exactly what you need to get all you can out of one of the  fastest growing sports in our region. There are a few other awesome Ontario kite surfing clubs, but we would love to have you as a part of the Canadian Kite Surfing Society. Our kite surfing club in Toronto is one of the most organized clubs in the region. We have a dedicated group of kitesurfing advocates that organize kite surfing meetings, kite trade shows, kite race events, kite trips and even kite competitions. No matter your skill or interest level in the sport, we have something for you.

You Can Learn From the Best With CKSS.

CKSS has some of the most skilled, passionate and experienced kitesurfing instructors and club members in our area. You will find valuable information on kite racing events and a great group of instructors that can help you get better. If you become a member of our kitesurfing club in Toronto, you will have full access to some awesome insider information and events before others know about it. Our Canadian kite surfing club welcomes anyone of all skill levels to its ranks as long as you want to be a positive ambassador for our sport. Our kitesurfing club in Toronto is determined to connect you to the kite surfing community in our area and help get the word out about our sport.

No Matter Your Skill Level, You Can Join Our Kiteboarding Club in Toronto.

If you are just a beginner or you are a seasoned expert in kitesurfing we would love to have you in our kite surfing club. Canada has millions of miles of waterways that need to be surfed! Our club deeply cares about the world that we live in so we ensure that our environment is taken care. Our club members find and clean waterways and the beaches of these waterways to help ensure the safety of not only our club members, but also those that would like to enjoy the areas that we surf as well. We want to grow our sport, take care of our environment and have as much fun as possible. Do you want to be a part of CKSS? Please contact us today and learn more about our membership

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ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved. 

ckss© 2024. All Rights Reserved.