Who doesn’t know a simple kite? Many of us even flew a kite in our childhood and now we teach our children to fly a kite too. And every time there is a strong desire to fly after the kite, catch the wind and soar above the ground. Now it has become possible if not literally but in a very similar way. Kitesurfing gives this opportunity.

What is kitesurfing?

It is extremely easy in usage wind-powered water sport which demands only a kite and a board to make you cross the water. Even though the name of this sport presupposes surfing, it actually doesn’t mean to deal with wave surfing. Instead of it, you can freely do kitesurfing in flat-mirror lagoons, on small waves or even in open stormy sea. Everything you need is sea and wind. And you are ready to do kitesurfing. As soon as you will be master in the art of staying upwind and will learn the basics of riding on the waves, you will be able to move faster, jump higher, make unbelievable freestyle flips and tricks.

Why do you need kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is riding along on the waves by surfing and a kite. There are other varieties of kiting in which the use of kite is essential while the sports equipment and location changes. Kitesurfing is a great chance to feel freedom, speed, and fun.

What fit is needed for kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a sport that does not require any special physical preparation. However, the personal level of fitness will help to master this sport much faster. Kitesurfing will give you stamina. And good physical training will help to avoid injuries.   Therefore, if you learned to kitesurf, consider that you also learned snowkiting (although you have never stood on a snowboard). And not vice versa, because there is a difference between riding on a hard surface and the water. So, it is significant.Kitesurfing training  is not very difficult and dangerous. However, this rule works, in case you have chosen a good school and you follow all the instructions and advice of your instructor.

What challenges the beginner can face?

Trust in equipment is essential. Sometimes beginners are afraid of being strapped to a kite as they think the wind will bring there up in the sky. However, the instructor is there to help you to overcome your fears. Many people spend their time starting to trust themselves. A vast majority of people are scared even to sign up for the first lesson. Of course, accepting the wind strength and forecasting directions demands practice and patience.  

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