Pretty season SaFeTy clinic

Kitesurfing Water season is now on at full power and it is very important to inspect kite surfing equipment prior to ride. Kites need tune ups, flying lines require adjustments, control and safety systems must be checked and made sure they are in proper working order, few tweaks on boards .

Every year team of Canadian Kite Surfing Society and  members with friends and families get together for a safety clinic.

During this event it is great chance to meet other members , learn and perform kite safety tune up , few tricks about your gear. Will be talking about and performing important safety techniques , we go over new kite boarding rules and regulations in Ontario.

Kiteboarding in Canada is growing its popularity . Leaving in Canada we get a great opportunity to unleash the power of a kite. From kite surfing to snowkiting to land boarding/buggy. With more people joining this amazing yet addictive sport our community is getting stronger. The kitesurfing sport is so addictive that some riders get dry-suits and continue kiting all year round.

Anyone who has taken first steps in Canadian fresh waters in learning how to kitesurf  can tell you that there is a difference compared to Caribbean salts . Starting from chasing winds where some times we drive for 3 hrs for an exciting kiting weekend  and then forecast shifts  overnight meaning you got to pack and go to another kite spot next day. Ontario Choppy water surface, small beaches with trees along shoreline and short wave breaks in a combo with gusty winds make learning process harder. Most kiteboarders say if you can kite here you can kite anywhere.

Note to all Ontario Kiteboarders: a PFD/life jacket is now a must wear its bylaw . Few kite riders are already ticketed at $280

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ckss© 2023. All Rights Reserved.