Kitesurfing Safety Clinic 2015

Canada is a great spot for kite surfing . In Canada we have fun kite surfing all year round. During winter you can ride your skis or snowboard across flat frozen lakes exploring islands or glide over snow covered mountains without need of hydraulic lifts.

This great sport has given us an opportunity to kite areas we may not think of going around another time of the year. Here in Canada kiteboarding has its four seasons.Water ,snow , land, big air. Just like in any other extreme sports it is extremely important to follow safety rules, have a strong knowledge on self rescue and safety techniques. it is also important to know how to properly inspect equipment safety release system and tune up .

Water season is now on at full power and Kites need tune ups, flying lines require adjustments, control and safety systems must be checked and made sure they are in proper working order. Every year at Canadian Kite Surfing Society our members with their friends and families get together at safety clinic event . During this event it is great chance to meet other members , learn and perform kite safety tune up . We  practiced important safety techniques,  went over new rules and regulations in Canada.