All year round we travel to some of the most beautiful kitesurfing locations in Canada. Some times we find secret spots with flat water conditions ,waves and sandy little beaches.

Recently we visited Squamish, BC. One of the most amazing spots in Canada . Flat water riding with steady 20-25knts winds. The kitesurfing spot is located in the small town at the southern tip of the Squamish River. The wind season is between may and mid september. Thermal winds generates between mountains almost everyday  ones the sun is out. Local kiters check temperature gradient . The difference in air temperatures between Vancouver and Lillooet sets the wind power.

Very well organized and regulated by Squamish Windsports Society(SWS) on site. Rescue boats are ready to go as soon as someone needs help. Soft mats and weight sand bags are all over the launch area to protect kite from damages and  flying off. No need to bring pump as there are air compressors on site. Wind-meter on site shows current wind speeds .  Most of the riders use 8-10m kite on average .

This is a one of the breath taking kitesurfing spots in Canada .