2014 Labour Day weekend Canadian Kite Surfing Society has Teamed up together and went riding kites for 60km over the lake Ontario and supporting Sick Kids Foundation .

Kitesurfing is a very motivating and exciting sport of 21t century which combines a few sports together (wake boarding, windsurfing, snowboarding. This year at Canadian Kite surfing Society, team of kiteboarders grouped up together and kite surfed downwind over the lake Ontario. This very exciting ride  took place on Sunday August 31- 2014 . We have been practicing flying kites across lakes in the last few years. This year we kitesurfed over Lake Ontario . As a Starting point we choose one of the beaches in Oakville and the finish point was at the Cherry Beach  approximate distance just over 60km. Due to low wind conditions the ride was 3hr long.  As a safety we had power boat support team following us. Kitesurfing is a very addictive sport where sky is not the limit. As a social part kiteboarding  brings different people together and total strangers become friend . CKSS took an apportunity and invited  everyone to support SKF and promote safe kitesurfing in Canada. During this kitesurfing event participants has donated founds towards Sick Kids Foundation. We are all looking forward to do it again next year!

Few Words form RIDERS:
Konstantine Medvedev:

. This was my first “Downvinder” ever.  I am looking to take part in the next year again!!. From one side it sounds quite easy – you setup kites and sail from point A to point B down along with wind direction.From the other side it appeared as quite challenging exercise. First of all the plan was too ambitious for us who did not have an experience to stay in water for hours at low wind. And the wind was really low.  My kite was only 10m Cabrinha and wind was about 9-11 knts. For  two hours I was able to set it up every time it lost wind. But it means a lot of efforts and cool water. Some kiters had 17 and even 21 and were able to finish 60km run, but it was really hard. The other challenge was the unusual way to kite. I used to drive my board on crossing wind direction. Here on downwinder you had to move alongside.  It looses power and fails down. You need to do loops or other tricks to keep moving kite and board. One of the tricks I learned was to move kite in opposite direction to board and then switch both directions for a few seconds and switch again and again. Anyway. Even if I did not make 35km and stuck 2-3km from the lake shore I was happy. It is great feeling. Was I afraid? Not at all. Of course I realized that I have no way back to start point, no phone to call, no money for taxi to get to my car left at the finish. But weak wind moved me and my kite to finish. Sooner or later, today or tomorrow, I would be there.)))))) And … Bingo! We had a boat. Thanks to CKSS for managing all this organizational tasks and to the guys on the boat who was so friendly. They picked me up as well as  other few kiters. LOOKING FORWARD FOR NEXT ADVENTURE!!!!

Piettro Bizognini :

I had an amazing kiteboarding experience on my way form Oakville to Cherry beach . I was kitesurfing on my 15m Cabrinha kite and even though the wind was not as strong as forecast promised .. it gave me the chance to practice how to manage the kite control in low wind condition. Unforgettable feeling been so far from the shore line and riding together with a great group of kiters I am happy i attended the event and I had great time with the guys and planning to do it again next time.

Tim Anastakis :

Prior to participating and supporting the” Sick Kids foundation”  from Oakville to Toronto kiteboarding expedition my light wind down winder experience has been limited to the kite race back to Cherry beach from the end of the Leslie Street Spit on a diminishing South Westerly winds. That scenario has not ended well for me on several occasions. This day I launched well. 17m Slingshot kite Caught a good gust and I was on my way for adventure. Feeling pretty good about the wind I made my on a south easterly tack taking me way out into the lake (3-4km) in an effort to pass behind a massive oil tanker heading in towards Mississauga. Foolishly, it was only then that looked back for the first time to see that I was at least 10kms ahead of the next closest kite. With only the CN Tower in Toronto on the horizon as a visual I quickly caught up with the closest sail boat. We traveled the rest of the distance together safely. To keep myself focused I just kept counting kite dives/loops. I got into a pattern just repeated it most of the way. Had lots of time to work on riding toe side and down loop transitions. Being 4-5 kilometers out into Toronto harbor was fine for the most part. I have to admit it does get a little scary when the wind drops to dead calm and seems like it wants to shift to a North. Any one know how long would it take to drift to Rochester?))) My kite hit the water and lay there lifeless for at least 20 minutes. With the rescue boat not far off I felt safe. I didn’t freak out. I convinced myself I needed the rest and the bay was full of boats any way. Luckily the wind came back with a vengeance. I was overpowered for the balance of the kiteboarding ride in. That was the highlight of my kiting summer!!    Totally incredible !  Can’t wait to go again !!!! Thanks CKSS

Steven Kelvey:

I was happy to attend this most exiting  kitesurfing event. I’d kitesurfed at different spots around Lake Ontario but had not tried Oakville. I’d mostly go to Toronto; Cherry Beach, Woodbine Beach at Ashbridges bay. Few people downwinding from Oakville to Toronto’s Cherry Beach (about 60km) thought  this is mad idea. I hadn’t heard of anyone doing it before. Fortunately, everything had been planned well with safety as the main consideration.It was great to be part of the safety boat support team. The atmosphere on the boat was upbeat. Once all the kites were flying, we stayed in the middle of the pack watching for anyone requiring assistance from switching kites and boards to offering water drinks. Three hours later with everyone safe on Cherry Beach, we all logged the event as the highlight of our kiteboarding / kitesurfing experiences in the Toronto area. Thanks to the CKSS team. Please keep these exciting events coming.   vp7.108.myftpupload.com -please send us your story from this event .