Zero to Hero 4-lessons package

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At CKSS kite surfing school, we promote safe kiteboarding and progressive lessons. We make sure that everyone follows local rules and regulations, according to local and international standards. Our professional instructors will help you getting into the sport quickly and safely while having fun. CKSS team of professional instructors are certified and follow single unique CKSS kite boarding school method of teaching. During the time of your lesson we will provide you with all kiting equipment needed.

All lessons are progressive and  each student will be going over a set of exercises that helps learning faster. As soon as you progress with first step we push you to the next. Wetsuit is required for water entry during every lesson. This is kite surfing so you will be in the water on your first day! If you don’t have a wetsuit please let us know and we will help with proper selection.

This package is suitable for everyone. weather you taking longer to learn or would like to step up to the next level and progress with tricks . Take advantage of great discounted rate for 4 lessons.

Here is an idea of what you will be learning during CKSS kiteboarding lessons:

Kitesurfing Level One – Beginner (3-4hrs)


Equipment Demonstration


Introduction to Kite Flying

Kitesurfing Level Two – Intermediate (3-4hrs)

How to Set up 4 and 5 line De-powerable Kite

Developing Kite Flying Skills

Body Dragging


Kitesurfing Level Three – Independent kitesurfer (3-4hrs) 

Kitesurfing Riding Skills

Equipment Maintenance

During the lesson We Provide

Level Three –Hero kitesurfer Lesson 4 (3-4hrs)

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ckss© 2023. All Rights Reserved.