This is the Most Extensive Toronto Kitesurfing Site in our Region

Thank you for visiting the official Canadian Kite Surfing Society’s website! If you have come to our site you have probably taken an interest in kitesurfing or sometimes referred to as kiteboarding. In Toronto, we offer lessons, both beginner and advanced for one of the most exhilarating and fastest growing sports in our region.. It is estimated that there are over 1.5 million people now claiming to participate in the sport! You can join and to become one of them. In Toronto, kitesurfing is a mixture of a few other extreme sports such as para-gliding, surfing, gymnastics and wakeboarding all stuffed into one action-packed experience. The first time you surf you will be hooked for life and we want to ensure that your experience is exciting and as safe as can possibly be.

We Offer Lessons for Kiteboarding in Toronto!

We want to welcome you to the incredible and limitless world of Toronto kitesurfing. We have some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly kiteboarding instructors in Ontario. Kite surfing is a passion of every member of our staff and we honestly cannot wait to show you how it’s done. If you are just looking for a new outdoor activity or you are a professional kitesurfing racer we have something for kiters of every experience level and we can personally train you to do exactly what you want in this awesome sport. All of our trainers are located in Ontario and kite boarding is what they do every minute that the sport is available to them. Please check out all of the resources that we have on our website to learn all about our lesson packages, events and membership details for how you can be a part of one of the fastest growing extreme sports in Toronto. Kitesurfing is for those just looking for a fun activity on the weekends all the way to hard core adrenaline junkies!

Want to Learn Toronto Snowkiting?

If the weather and temperatures won’t permit you to kitesurf without having to break apart a frozen lake, there are alternatives. Snowkiting in Ontario is becoming a very popular extreme sport. It is essentially the same thing as kitesurfing, but on snow rather than water. The same principles apply and nearly the same training.

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ckss© 2023. All Rights Reserved.